2 Mistakes To Avoid When Deciding On A New Career Path


If you have become bored or angry with your current job, you may be thinking that it is time to change careers. However, before you jump into deciding on a new career path, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could cause your decision to lead to worse things down the road.

1. Quitting Your Current Job Based on Emotions

If you have become fed up with your work, boss, or even coworkers, you may feel as though quitting in an emotionally charged fashion would give you a clean break, allowing you to pursue other careers. However, quitting your job based on emotions is a huge mistake.

First, you should never quit a job without having another one waiting for you. Unless you have a nicely padded savings account, you will have trouble support yourself and family, as well as become unable to pay your bills.

Second, even though you plan to find a job in another profession, word could get back to prospective employers about how you quit suddenly. This information could then hurt your future career prospects, as it paints a picture of you being unreliable.

2.  Making a Decision Without Researching the Field

Even if you start searching for a new career opportunity while working your current job, you do not want to simply jump into a path that you know nothing about. Before you make a firm decision about the type of career you want, make sure you thoroughly research the field so that you know what you are getting into.

If all of your knowledge on a certain career is based on what you have seen on television or from having discussions with a friend, you are probably not getting the full picture of what the work entails. Start searching for other sources of information, such as trade journals, testimonials, and white papers about the career.

However, even reading about the career may not be enough to fully understand what is involved. Seek out top professionals who have been working in the career for many years, and start asking questions. Don't forget to ask about the negative aspects along with the positives. You want a clear picture of the career path so you can make an informed decision.

While switching careers can be an exciting, rewarding decision, it is one that should never be made in haste and without proper guidance. If you are stuck as to where you should turn on your new career path, consider contacting a career coach for advice and motivation as you navigate through making your decision.


9 November 2018

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